I wanted to create a piece that had an overall arc so I started by cutting an arc out of the bottom and gluing it to the top. You can see the glue line. This piece is 1" thick mahagony, about 36" wide by 14" high.
 I let my imagination flow as I experiment, drawing different designs with chalk. In this piece I was experimenting with the direction and density of the movement. I'm not in a rush as I do this. Sometimes after laying down a design I'll be vaguely dissatisfied with it.  I'll 'wipe the slate clean' and start over. Usually, after I have a design I'm happy with, I put it in the house for a few days, looking at it as I walk by. If I still like it I'm ready to commit to...the marker!
 Chalk lines are always a little mushy. When I draw with a marker I'm refining my decisions about every curve. Those decisions are guided by my intention to have each curve flow into the next, harmoniously. 
 Next, I cut out the actual shapes using a jig saw. I'll use a router for the basic rounding over and then many hours of work using carving knives and a rasp. As I'm doing this I'm constantly asking myself if each curve is as beautiful as I can make it. In some places I want delicacy of form, in other areas a feeling of strength. I use my hands as much as my eyes; sometimes my hands 'see' something that my eyes have missed.
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