Round River World
Blue Green Flowing Curves
Black Curves
Close up of Blue and Green Flowing Curves
Curving Stone 1
River Rocks
Curving Stones 4
Blue Curves
Curving Stone 3
Close up of Curving Stone 3
Cycle of Life
 Light mahogany, frame size 11" x 21"
 Round piece, approximately 24" diameter
 This oval mirror, 12" x 36", is carved from Philippine mahogany. This graceful design is beautiful in a vertical and horizontal position.
 Mahogany 1" thick, approx 37" x 14"
Inlaid Maple Branch
Pine Branch
 Mahogany, 1", 36" x 14"
 Detail from wall hanging 27" x 4"
Maple Labyrinth Carving
Interweave 3
 Light mahogany, frame size 38" x 12"
 Spalted maple with blue intrusion 18" x 9". This beautiful slab, with a live edge on the bottom, is from a big, old maple tree that fell in a storm and lay in the woods for a year before I came upon it.
knife rack.JPG
 The oak leaves on this cabinet end are malachite, inlaid into the wood. 
 Walnut mirror 10" x 18".  I cut this slab of walnut from a downed tree along the side of a road in Westport, CT 
 A special request from a friend, symbolizing how her family is made of separate individuals joined by blood and love. 
Maple Leaves on Maple
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